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Be the Best for your Audience by figuring out their Actions

Most businesses leave their state of doom and become a big name by doing just one thing consistently: watching the numbers. Now when you understand the numbers game that drives your prospect to buy your product, you have a pattern in hand. This helps you see where your product/service stands in the eyes of your audience.

  • There are two things you need to take care of in a business really well: Converting your leads and retaining the clients.
  • You need clarity regarding the user journeys of the prospects to get a valid analysis of how they act. This aids you in improving your product/service according to your audience’s needs. And that's exactly why behaviour analysis is crucial.
  • A well-curated behaviour analysis helps your team to re-strategise and rethink your approach towards launching your product, introducing a range of services, or marketing them.

Build a Better Product for your Audience

There is no debate that even the brightest of ideas work only if the audience finds a need for it. We make it simpler for you by analysing every action your users take. Hack into their behavior and give them the solution they want!

Footprint Map

Get a visual representation of where your users click, scroll, and dwell, on your site.


Custom event tracking

We track interactions that go beyond the standard methods (like page views and clicks) so that nothing is out of your sight. Even better, you get to create custom events and prioritise them.


Cohort analysis

Cohorts makes it easier for you to focus on particular sections of your target audience based on their behavior, as and when needed.



With funnels, visualisation of data becomes more diverse for you. At your fingertip, you have the option to view any event of any timeframe.

funnel (1)

Chart Builder

All your data in the form of charts. Choose the events and time frames of your choice to focus on their visual representation alone!


AI powered dashboards

Our AI-powered dashboard is your best bet to get dynamic insights round the clock. It notifies you of how your business KPIs may be affected based on all the data Lacritz has gathered.


User Journey path

Get the user's point of view to help you understand how they travel through your website. And where you lose them on the way to checkout!


Many More!

We keep working to bring more value to you


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Footprint Map

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Funnel Analysis

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User Journey

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Cohort Analysis

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Chart Builder

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Capture Events

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